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I’ve had dogs my whole life I’m 61 yr now, this is by far one of the best trainers I’ve ever experienced. I enrolled my 6 mo bernedoodle and my 3 yr labradoodle in the 4 week board and train. I literally can take my dogs anywhere for the rest of our lives together. That right there is worth the investment. My biggest concern was I’m not getting any younger, and I live in a retirement community, I didn’t want to be dragged on the end of a leash(been there done that).

Aeryun sent me almost daily videos, I was so proud of my boys I was forwarding the videos to my friends. She would get right back to me when I had questions.

When I was researching a trainer many people on the doodle Facebook pages suggested one trainer in particular, but he had such a waiting list, so that’s when I realized the at home setting and very few dog , felt right to me, and that was On Q Dogs. I couldn’t imagine anyone not having a great experience with Aeryun Kinder. I hope everyone gets the synchronicity I have with my boys.

- Robin S.

We love boarding our intact male Samoyed with On Q Dogs. Aeryun is super professional and communicates very well, keeping us updated with pictures of Teddy doing fun activities. Teddy always comes back a healthy and happy dog.

-Greg P.

We think Aeryun might be a miracle worker! We're seeing immediate improvement in recall after completing Aeryuns e-collar board and train course.

Flash has always had unreliable recall. He hated being "caught", would dodge anyone who tried to touch his collar, and getting him to come back inside from the yard was a huge struggle. We've tried every recall game you could think of trying to break his mindset. Nothing worked.

We dropped Flash off for Aeryuns board and train program to focus on his recall. Since completing the program he is completely transformed! He always comes back on command in the backyard or out on the trail. No long line needed!

Both our and Flash's quality of life has improved dramatically. He can now get as much outdoor time as he wants without us worrying about catching him. He is able to enjoy playing and running off leash all the time!

Thank you Aeryun!

- Michelle P.

On Q is the best thing that ever happened to our puppy, Piper and our family!! Best investment and worth every penny. Knowing she is not only learning but also being loved on while being trained was awesome! Highly recommend!

-Dawn E.

Where do I start….. our dog Apollo is a Newfie. He is huge, lots of power, didn’t respect the other dogs, jumped when ppl came over, wanted to dominate over on our small dog to the point he would grab him and shake him like a rag doll. (No bleeding of course) but then I seen On Q dog training being recommended many times on a small business group page from other ppl who have used Aeryun. She is amazing and has turned our dog into a new, well behaved, mild temper, chill dog. He stays on command, walks next to us at our pace with no leash. Does not interact with humans or other dogs when not given the go ahead. It’s like day and night. One of the best investments our family has made. It’s a plus that he loves her and get so excited to see her! Shows me she truly loved him and treated him like her own when he was at her place. Don’t question it. Do it.

-Linda A.

I rarely if ever write review, but in this case I cannot say enough or give enough starts to express how happy we are with Aeryn from OnQdogs. From the moment we first spoke with Aeryn, we had a sense she was the right trainer. After looking at other reviews, her experience and the services she offered and then after speaking with her... we knew she was the right choice. Plus, her own dog was a Husky!...

The transformation of our 3 month old Husky puppy was remarkable to say the least. We enrolled her with Aeryn's 5 week puppy camp training. Our dogs transformation from just the 1st weeks session was amazing and only got better and better each week. Leash training / pulling, nipping, jumping, following commands, waiting/sitting, etc... our pups overall behaviour, demeanor and intelligence just improved more and more every week while with her.

We were so relieved knowing our dog was in such skilled, caring hands. My wife and I also loved that our dog stayed and lived in her home with her family, kids and dogs (and rabbit). Our dogs socialization skills and confort around other animals, kids and people were so improved.

Aeryn would send us videos and pics of the training as well as take the dog on field trips in public to train her in various enviorments. Each week when we picked her up... she would spend a great deal of time reviewing and teaching us what was worked on and our 'homework' for the week. Aeryn was always available for questions and was wonderful to work with.

I can't tell you how many people stop and comment how well behaved our puppy is. We feel so lucky to have found Aeryn and you should look no further if you are looking for a dog trainer.

Thank you again Aeryun for all your time, expertise and help!

-Glenn B.

My 1 1/2 year old rescue pup just completed a one month board and train with On Q Dogs. Aeryun was responsive and informative from my first contact until the day she returned my newly trained pup. I gave her a list of things that I felt were important and she added a few of her own. Throughout the process I received videos, messages, and pictures several times a day. If I would message her, I received a response immediately. I was able to visit during the stay and watch first hand his many successes. A few of the behaviors corrected were - leash pulling, lunging at moving cars, car anxiety, and jumping on people. He is now able to sit, stay, lay down, walk nicely on leash beside me, place, sleep in a crate and many more! The training included many car rides, trips to stores, hikes, and walks at the park. She includes a place bed, e collar (with training and videos) and a prong collar. At the end of the stay, she met with me and spent 1 1/2 hours going over his training in detail. She also will do several updates with me at a later time.

I was very impressed with her training process and how quickly my pup showed progress. She makes it look easy and I feel comfortable that I will be able to keep it up because the process is not overly complicated. Also I know Aeryun is just a message/phone call away. She is invested in having you AND your pup succeed.

-Karen V.

Aeryun is an amazing trainer. Lola, my sheepadoodle, went through the five week/three days per week course at 13 weeks old. She is much easier to handle now as her focus/ attention to commands is so much better. And walking her is so easy.

Lola had her first grooming yesterday. I was concerned about this because I know this could be traumatizing. I had talked to the groomer ahead of time and she said she would do what Lola would allow. I was in agreement. But when I picked her up she was able to do a complete groom. She said she had a feeling she would do well. I told her she just went through a 5 week training program. I know that helped. 😁

She was able to play with other dogs as it was open area. They said she was really playing and seemed very social.

I highly recommend “On Q Dogs” not only for puppy’s but any age. She also does boarding and will refresh their training during their stay.

-Joyce G.