“On Q was definitely the most amazing thing to happen to our family! I can admit we were not the best dog parents and had not trained our puppies from the start. They were very destructive and undisciplined on a leash. Aeryun did an amazing job working with them and us to make sure we keep up the hard work she put into our puppies. She was very open with the process and technique's she used. We received pictures and videos almost daily. She even went the extra mile to help some anxiety with one of our two puppies. Thank you so much!!!!”

- Amy C.

“Cannot say enough good things about Aeryun and how she has transformed the way we approach dog training and relationships! We are first time puppy parents (adopted other adult dogs in the past) and are so glad we started early. We did the two week daily dog training and she was able to help our 6-month pup Mowgli to become more engaged and responsive than ever before.

Loved how she kept Mowgli engaged each day and had a structured and customized approach to help him overcome his own (and our) obstacles. Aeryun identified techniques to help Mowgli leverage his strengths and gave us tips and work to do at home to reinforce the right behaviors.

Aeryun tapped into the “dog” side of Mowgli and helped us to nurture his confidence through positive reinforcement. It is definitely easier said than done... but Aeryun gave us the confidence and support to continue the training at home.

We are so excited to see Mowgli grow and continue to be a well-adjusted boy. Dog training is a lifetime commitment but we are ready for it!!”

-Samantha L.

“I had been talking to Aeryun about my dog through a friend, but when we met up, in a heartbeat she called a few things out my dog needed, and went into making changes. We fixed issues that I had been slowly working (but not working) on for years.”

-Annie C.

Aeryun has worked with 3 of our family dogs. Coco and Archie are our almost 2 yr old dogs. Coco was withdrawn and would just shut down in stressful situations. Aeryun brought out her confidence and now she goes on walks like a pro and had even tried some canine sports. Archie was suffering from pandemic isolation. Because we isolated, he did not get any opportunities to learn his dog social skills and was in constant fear of all dogs and new people and was heading towards aggression. After just 2 weeks, he is hanging out with the big dogs and learning to walk past strangers without meltdowns. It has been so wonderful to see him working to overcome his fears and able to enjoy being a dog. Aeryun is so patient and knows just how to help a dog reach their goals. My son's new puppy is attending On Q Dogs puppy day camp and she loves it. She is getting her socialization early and she is learning her basic commands and leash manners. We have been so pleased with the results for all 3 dogs. if you're struggling with training, call On Q Dogs.

-Shannon S.