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At On Q Dogs we consider the dog in front of us. We don’t expect the dogs to fit into a certain box. We will not push the dog in ways that are detrimental to their progress. Because we respect the dogs as individuals who learn at different paces, these are guides and not set in stone. You can expect real, concrete results from our program and we work hard to give your dogs the best and most up-to-date training methods.

With all our training programs you must be prepared to continue to practice the training in order for the dog to retain their skills. We will help guide you so that you feel as prepared as possible to continue the training.

All training programs come with boarding discounts, follow up support, videos and photos of what your dog is working on and free group training for graduates.

*Financing options available

*All programs require poof of rabies, bordatella and parvo shots

*Intact dogs welcome

After checking out the programs you may contact me to discuss pricing options.

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Board and Train Packages

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12 weeks old and up

*puppies who go through board and train will have a modified puppy program

Our board and train is our most popular program! With different training packages you can select the program that best fits your needs and lifestyle. We understand that every dog is different which is why we cater the program specifically to your dog’s personality and your personal goals.

During their stay, they will be on a structured training routine as well as a feeding and exercise regime to enhance their training experience. Your dog will also be taken out into real world settings to practice their skills.

After you dog is trained with us we will bring your dog home to you and go over all they have learned and train you as the owner to work with your newly trained dog. We will then check in with you a week or two later depending on availability and schedules to ensure everything is going smoothly. You will have continued follow up support, discounts on vacation boarding with us and free group training to maintain your dog’s skills.


2 Weeks - Basic Package Includes:

Basic obedience

-Sit (implied stay)

-Down (implied stay)

-Place (implied stay)


-Loose leash walking

1 Public outing

Video and photo updates

Discounts on boarding

Free group training

3 Weeks - Intermediate Package Includes:

Everything in the basic package

Adding distractions

Adding duration

Adding distance

Intro to the e collar (e collar not provided)

More public outing

Personalized goals

4 Weeks - Proficient Package Includes:

Everything in the basic and intermediate package

Proficient obedience

Off leash training

E collar included

Challenging distractions

Behavior modification cases

Public access training and reliability

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Advanced Boot Camp for Graduates

(2 weeks)

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Ready to take your graduate to the next level? Push their limits? Do you have new goals that have come up since your dog has graduated? This course is for you. This is a rigorous advancement course for your On Q graduate. We will refresh their training as well as teach them to perform at an even higher level than before.

Loose Leash Camp

(1 week)

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4 months old and up

Do you just want to be able to walk you or dog in peace? Does your dog pull or drag you? Are they distracted and ignore you on walks? Our one week Loose Leash Camp will help with that! During this course your dog will stay with us and be trained on the skill of calm, structured walks. We will also take them out on two public outings to work on their skills with distractions. You will then be trained on how to walk your dog as well as redirect them from distractions. You will be instructed on how to continue their progress and on how to use their new tools. You will be required to provide a herm sprenger brand prong collar or a mini educator e collar depending on preference.

This course is not designed to address I behavioral issues such as reactivity and aggression. Dogs with behaviors issues must go through the full four week board and train.

Dogs must also be able to be calm in a crate during down time and over night to enter this course.

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E Collar Boot Camp

(2 weeks)

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5 months old and up

Do you long for your dog to have that off leash freedom? To adventure with you, or run in a field and actually come back when called? They can with E collar Boot Camp!

This is for dogs who have formal training under their belt already such as, puppy camp, board and train, competing or training in dog sports. If they have behavioral issues they need work with they need to go through the full four week board and train. To qualify for this program dogs need to be evaluated by me first. This program is best for dogs who do generally well with their obedience but owners would like to top off their training with the e collar for more reliability. This program includes an e collar technology mini educator 1/2 mile.

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3 weekdays overnight (5 wks)


M-F overnight (4 wks)

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12 weeks - 5 months old

Here is how it works:

You drop your puppy off at my place to stay with me for 3 days a week or 5 days a week. Puppy camp runs for 4 or 5 consecutive weeks (depending on which program you choose). During this time I am training  your puppy and getting to know them and their learning style. After the designated amount of days, you pick the puppy up and then we will discuss what was worked on and you will be given homework to work on till you bring your puppy back the following week. I also take them on training field trips to socialize them to new environments. Of course socialization at this age is so important, therefor I socialize them with my dogs who are stable, well behaved dogs and will set a good example for them. Puppy camp is a team effort and you will be required to be part of the training process in order to optimize your puppy’s training experience.

There is no replacement for starting a puppy’s education early! It is one of the best gifts you can give your young dog.

During puppy class we target:

Foundational Obedience


Socialization (kids, adults, dogs)

Leash Skills

Resource Guarding Prevention

Crate Training 

Potty Training

Muzzle Training

Handling Desensitization 

Owner education

And customized goals

During puppy camp you will receive videos and photos of what we are working on as keepsakes and visual aids. 

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5 months old and up

Upcoming classes:


During this class you will work in a group setting using the other students as distractions to work around. You will be taught the tools you need to succeed as a confident handler for your dog. Extreme leash pullers and dogs with some mild reactivity issues are welcome. For highly reactive dogs I recommend my board and train intensive training.

For this class a 2.25 size herm sprenger prong collar is highly recommended and will be the main tool of the class along with treats if your dog takes them. If you have a very small dog let me know and I will direct you with a link to micro prong collars. I will also have mini educator e collars on hand to try as these can be highly effective with pulling and even reactivity. If you have a mini educator or dogtra e collar please bring that. I will also have equipment on hand to purchase.

The cost of the class will be $200 for one class and our class will be Saturday morning on February 10th. There will be another class held on March 9th. I will take payment and shot records (rabies and parvo) ahead of time via Venmo, Zelle or PayPal. Credit accepted through pay pal for a fee. You have until 48 hours before the class to get a full refund. After that there will be no refunds offered. I look forward to improving you and your dog’s quality of life together. For more information about my packages and board and train please visit https://www.onqdogs.org/

If you are looking for an excellent and experienced groomer, please check out https://www.obarknbath.com/ where the classes will be held.

February 10th, 2024 - Leash Manners

Location: O’Bark N Bath (Mesa)

March 9th 2024 - Leash Manners

Location: O’Bark N Bath (Mesa)

Call or text for more information and to be added to the class


Looking for grooming? Please check out our friends at O’Bark N Bath! They are fabulous and experienced groomers who will also be hosting various training and dog events at their large grooming shop.

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Have peace of mind while you are away and leave your dog with us for exercise and fun! Don’t leave your loved one in a noisy, overcrowded kennel environment with rotating staff. Leave them with us in a home away from home atmosphere. Dogs are offered plenty of free time and attention. Training clients will receive refresher training during their stay. We have a limited number of spots to ensure all the dogs in our care get lots of one on one time, so aim to book early.

Dogs sleep in crates at night so they will need to be comfortable in a crate.

$75 per night

Client discount: $50 per night and no holiday fee

Additional $25 per night for Holiday stays (non-clients)

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